JJ Daniell Middle School PTSA

JJ Daniell’s time at PTA Day at the Capitol!!

The first Georgia PTA Day at the Capitol was held during the 1975 legislative session, led by Mrs. Margie Britt, 1973-1975 Georgia PTA President and Visionary. State-funded kindergarten becomes law, (69 years after the initial lobbying began.) It took patience and perseverance to see the lobbying efforts reach fruition. That is why attending PTA Day at the Capitol is so important. When PTA members talk to their legislators about children’s issues, they know that the welfare of children and youth is the only purpose.

Today two of our own, Susan and Nikki went and had a wonderful time. This event offered them the opportunity to delve into proposed legislation and the impact it will have on the children of Georgia. They ended the day by being able to participate in meaningful conversations with our legislators at the luncheon at The Floyd Room.

If you have any questions about the event please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of them to get you some answers!!